2 Practical Considerations When Building A Custom-Designed Home

Posted on: 22 February 2018

Building a brand-new home is an exciting and sometimes daunting project. For many people, getting it right is important, especially if the home is one that you intend to spend many years living in. For this reason, many Australians are choosing to have their new home custom designed and built instead of opting for one of the standard models offered by home building companies.

If you're in the process of planning your custom built home, then you may be spending a lot of time thinking about the style and features you'd like in your home. As well as the aesthetic areas of a home, it's also important to think about some of the more practical aspects. Getting these right can make a big difference in how well the home functions and how enjoyable it is to live in. Here are two important areas to consider when designing your new dream home.

1. Versatile living spaces

Large, open-plan living is a huge trend in modern home design that isn't going anywhere in a hurry. Communal living areas that encompass the kitchen, dining and living room in one big and airy space are modern, sociable and beautiful. However, it's also important to recognise that you need to allow for flexibility as your family grows and changes.

Including a section of the living area that can be closed off from the main room is a great idea. You can use this space in a number of ways, depending on the current needs of your household. It can serve as a media room, a teenage retreat, a guest bedroom or a home office with a simple change of furniture.

2. The position of the house on the block

When you build a home that's a standard, off-the-plan construction, you'll find that the houses are almost identical in layout, regardless of the block location. When you have your home custom built, you have more freedom on both the layout and the position of the rooms in relation to desirable environmental elements.

Both indoor and outdoor living spaces should ideally be north facing. This means that you'll be sheltered from the worst of the summer heat and be able to enjoy the warming rays of the winter sun. This can significantly reduce your need for expensive heating and cooling appliances all year round. Custom new homes can also take advantage of the best outlook from your living spaces.