Lighting Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation

Posted on: 26 September 2022

You may not focus on lighting when renovating a kitchen, considering it a side issue. However, the lighting of a space is essential to how it feels and functions. A glaring space isn't relaxing to spend time in, while a dim room can feel small and unwelcoming. To help create a livable kitchen in your home, here are some lighting tips.

Lighting Purposes

If you connect one central light to the ceiling, the room is likely to be too bright underneath and dark in the corners. Your body may cast a shadow over the countertop and make it hard to see unless a nearby window brings in daylight. That's why layered lighting is essential.

You need to consider the purpose of the lighting you're connecting. To generally illuminate the room, you could fit multiple recessed lights. Because several are dotted across the ceiling, each one doesn't need to be overly bright, and the kitchen can be more evenly lit.

Lighting is also required for specific tasks, such as brightening the countertops. For this, you could fit strip lights underneath the upper cupboards. You can also connect globes inside cabinets, letting you access storage easily.

Other light fittings may be functional as well as decorative. For example, an attractive pendant light over a dining table that allows you to read a book or use a computer. Sometimes, you might use a globe to highlight accents, such as a piece of artwork on the wall.


The different lighting options should be connected to separate switches so you can control the room's brightness. You can then create a moody atmosphere at night if you're throwing a party. But if someone is working from home at the kitchen table, they can have enough illumination to see without strain. Your contractors can advise on the number, strength and specific positioning of the lights.

Energy Efficiency

Another thing to consider is the energy efficiency of the kitchen lighting. The most economical option is, of course, free daylight. You may be able to expand the vertical windows or fit a skylight to make the most of it. Even though you'll pay upfront to bring in more daylight, you'll save on ongoing energy costs.

Plus, you can fit energy-efficient LED lights, which will reduce energy usage. Use warm-white globes that will make the food look appetising. The light colour  also affects the ambience of kitchens. Warmer illumination can be more welcoming than stark white. For more information on kitchen lighting, contact a company near you.