• Lighting Tips for Your Kitchen Renovation

    You may not focus on lighting when renovating a kitchen, considering it a side issue. However, the lighting of a space is essential to how it feels and functions. A glaring space isn't relaxing to spend time in, while a dim room can feel small and unwelcoming. To help create a livable kitchen in your home, here are some lighting tips. Lighting Purposes If you connect one central light to the ceiling, the room is likely to be too bright underneath and dark in the corners.
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  • Benefits of Replacing Your Kitchen Benchtop With Stone

    You might not want to undertake a total kitchen renovation and deal with the hassle of ripping up flooring and pulling out cupboards. But you may want to upgrade its look. In that case, you could simply replace the countertops with a stunning stone. Here are some benefits of such a remodel. Prominent Position This kind of limited renovation project is not widespread enough to be utterly inconvenient. Still, it's large enough to make a massive change to the kitchen aesthetic.
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