3 Benchtop Materials That Will Add Some Rustic Charm To Your Modern Kitchen

Posted on: 22 February 2018

Modern kitchen design is all about clean lines, monochromatic colour schemes and sleek features. There is something simple and aesthetically pleasing about this style but it doesn't completely appeal to everyone. If you like most of the aspects of the modern look but prefer to add an element of rustic charm to your kitchen, then your choice of benchtop material can make a big difference.

Many modern kitchens feature shiny, immaculate expanses of engineered stone or resin based surfaces. However, for a touch of colour, texture and comfort, you could consider one of these three beautiful materials for your new kitchen's benchtop.

1. Timber

Timber benchtops are a great way to add some natural beauty and warmth to a modern kitchen. It's a timeless material that works with any interior design style and will create an attractive and harmonious focal point in the room. You can opt for a blonde, Scandinavian style or choose a darker hardwood timber for a bolder and more solid feel.

Timber is also a very practical choice for a kitchen benchtop. It's durable and will last a lifetime. It can be sanded and resealed if it becomes scorched or stained and you can also update the look easily by choosing a new varnish, wax or oil to finish it with.

2. Copper

For a classic and elegant look, copper is a fantastic choice for a kitchen benchtop material. It adds a subtle and rich colour to the kitchen and a timeless beauty that will outlast the frequently changing interior design trends.

Copper is also excellent because the aging process can actually make it more beautiful The stunning patina that develops on the surface of copper over time will provide you with an ever-evolving look and the scratches and dents that will inevitably appear give copper a much desired antique look.

3. Slate

Slate is a material that is most commonly used as flooring. However, it also makes a wonderful choice for a kitchen benchtop. This natural stone comes in a wide variety of shades and has an attractive matte finish that contrasts beautifully with the shinier surfaces in the rest of the kitchen.

Slate is naturally strong and durable and it's also highly resistant to heat. It is slightly porous, so it may absorb some stains and can be vulnerable to etching from acidic liquids such as lemon juice and vinegar. However, like copper, the imperfections that develop over time only serve to enhance the rustic qualities of slate.