3 Remodeling Tips to Increase the Functionality of Your Small Bathroom

Posted on: 1 March 2018

Small bathrooms can present a real challenge when you think about all the things that need to be done in there. Besides taking a shower, the bathroom will be used or shaving, hair drying, brushing and flossing, and doing makeup. All the products used in carrying out these tasks can clutter your bath leaving minimal room for moving around. If you are considering redesigning your bathroom, there are some design tips that you can adapt to free up space, make the room look larger, and increase its functionality. These remodeling tips include the following;

Install a large mirror

A small mirror makes it hard for people to share the bathroom at the same time. Invest in a large mirror that stretches across the wall. It should also extend beyond the vanity and sink. The mirror will make it possible for two people to use it at the same time. This is the perfect solution if most of the people in your household usually have a rushed morning. Additionally, a large mirror reflects light and makes the bathroom look bigger than it is.

Redesign the sink

The bathroom sink occupies a lot of valuable space in the room. However, since it is indispensable, you can consider a model that does not use up a lot of floor space. Today, there are pedestal sinks that are installed with space beneath them. Instead of having the U- and P-traps occupying the entire area beneath the sink, these have vertical support which leaves room on each side. They occupy less floor space and allow you to get creative with the remaining footage.

If you have a vanity in the place of a bathroom sink, consider replacing it with a floating model. Floating vanities free up space and allow you to install cabinetry beneath them. Use the cabinets to store towels and other bathroom necessities.

Add floating shelves

Floating or recessed shelves are an excellent solution for bathrooms with limited wall space. They can be used to hold things like toiletries and shower necessities, skincare products, and razors without infringing on the floor space. You can place these shelves near the toilet or above the sink. Make sure that they are made out of water-resistant material so that they do not deteriorate in quality after a short period.

A bathroom remodeling project gives you the perfect opportunity to redesign your small bathroom with space in mind. Follow these tips and work with an experienced contractor to transform your small bathroom into a functional and visually appealing space.