Redesigning Your Kitchen to Accommodate Multiple Cooks

Posted on: 2 August 2018

Multiple people trying to cook a meal simultaneously can be quite frustrating. In addition to elbowing each other, you will also find that it can impede your prep. Nonetheless, this does not mean that having more than one cook is always negative. In fact, all you need is some ingenuity for your kitchen design, and you can be preparing sumptuous meals with your spouse or children. Typically, if you have a large kitchen but still find that it is too cramped to work effectively with another person, the chances are the space available is being used inefficiently. So if you are already planning to remodel your kitchen, here are some nifty tips for redesigning your space to accommodate multiple cooks.

Construct a central island

Most people associate an island with a dining and storage space in the kitchen. This utilisation may be functional, but if you are intent on cooking with a companion in the kitchen, you may want to use an island as a secondary prep station. A strategically placed island can even ease the traffic in your kitchen, as you can construct it close to your pantry, which means you are close to the ingredients you need without having to walk across the kitchen. The size of your island will depend on what type of prep you will want to carry out on it. For example, if you have a passion for baking and your partner does most of the cooking, you should consider a substantially sized island that will allow you to create your desserts without having to bump elbows with your spouse.

Install dual sinks

Most people consider dishwashing a tedious chore. And if you and your spouse regularly cook together, chance are you also create a heap of dirty dishes. Tasking one individual to do all the cleaning up can be unfair but unavoidable if you only have one sink. A better solution will be installing dual sinks so that each person is responsible for their dirty dishes.

Create separate cooking stations

Another ingenious way of making your kitchen conducive to cooking with another person is by installing independent cooking stations. Multiple cooking stations may seem extravagant, but the reality is that they can be quite a time saver. If you and your partner like hosting friends over, you may have noticed how you spend hours on end cooking meals. With two separate stations, you can delegate different tasks to each other and focus on whipping up the dishes on your station. So while one person is grilling and frying meets on one end of the kitchen, the other could be preparing starches and soups on a different side! 

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