How to Find an Awning to Fit a Narrow Balcony

Posted on: 28 February 2019

Finding an off-the-shelf awning to fit an unusual balcony shape isn't always easy. If your balcony area is long and narrow, then regular awnings won't give you as much coverage as you want. A stretch awning may be a viable alternative solution. Why are these awnings better for tight spaces and how do they work?

Regular Awnings Fit Regular Spaces

Generally, an awning is wider than it is long. In technical terms, its width always exceeds its projection.

This is often down to awning design. The width of the awning dictates how far it can extend out over a space and remain supported. Most awnings of this type have a basic support structure because this is all they need. However, the projection, or length, of the awning has to fall within its support limits. If the awning is too long for its width, it won't get enough support and won't stand out securely.

Stretch Awnings Fit Narrower Spaces

If your balcony is long and narrow, then the area you attach an awning to is relatively restricted. You can put a standard awning in this space, but it will only give you so much shade coverage. This isn't likely to cover the whole of your balcony. The awning will be too small to do that.

If you only want a little shade close to your door, then this may not be a problem for you. However, if you want the awning to extend over more or all of your balcony, then you are better off looking at a stretch product. These awnings can be bought off the shelf. They have a narrower width, so they'll fit on your balcony wall without a problem. However, they have a longer projection than normal. Like your balcony, these awnings are long and thin.

Stretch awnings have specially designed and reinforced arms and struts that give the awning more support along its length than regular products. Depending on the awning you choose, these support structures may be set in tiers, may be crossed over or may fold out in various ways.

This specialist support structure ensures that a narrow awning can extend further without losing stability or strength. So, you could find an awning to give complete shade coverage for the narrowest balcony without breaking the bank.

If you have an oddly-shaped area to cover, talk to local awnings providers. They can help you find the right stretch awning for your needs.