The Simplest Guide You Will Need When Buying A Ceiling Shower

Posted on: 30 September 2019

Taking a shower is not only a personal experience but also it can be highly luxurious instead of merely utilitarian. However, for you to make the most out of your shower time, even while you enjoy being in the water, you need to upgrade your showerhead. Ceiling shower fixtures that bring the rainfall experience right into your shower enclosure are, undeniably, one of the most worthwhile upgrades that you can make to your bathroom. These showerheads making this cleaning ritual enjoyable and you can say farewell to cold spots on your body due to a small stream of water. One thing you will quickly realise is that celling showers come in a vast selection of options. To ensure that you are making the right decision for your bathroom, here is the simplest guide that you will need when buying a ceiling showerhead.

Ceiling mounted or wall mounted?

Although the name does imply that the fixture will be mounted on your ceiling, you also have the option of having it installed on your wall. This versatility is what makes ceiling showerheads a perfect addition to any type of enclosure. To help you decide, you have to consider three main questions. First, are you looking to replace a wall-mounted fixture? Second, are you thinking of replacing a ceiling-mounted fixture? Third, are you looking to upgrade to the ceiling-mounted variety? Overall, choosing to install a ceiling showerhead from scratch is the best option since it allows for enhanced direction of the water. Nonetheless, having to create space for this entails the restructuring of plumbing hardware and can be costly. If you already have a ceiling mount in place, it will be a simple and affordable undertaking. 

More water pressure or more coverage?

The second factor to consider when deliberating on a ceiling shower fixture is what you prefer for your hygiene routine: water pressure or expansive coverage? Ceiling showerheads, in general, do offer much more coverage than the standard variety of showerheads. It is crucial to note that not all ceiling showers are built the same. Thus, some will provide a wider area of water spray than others will. If this is your preference, you should keep in mind that the more expansive the spray, the less the water pressure. Hence, individuals that love to feel the force of water droplets beating on their skin will have to compromise on the coverage that they receive. Even so, this is a matter of preference, so neither option is a bad choice. Furthermore, as long as you do not have underlying plumbing problems, the ceiling showerhead pressure will not be akin to low-pressure drips.