Benefits You Will Enjoy With Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Posted on: 9 November 2020

Benchtops are the centrepiece of your kitchen. Kitchen benchtops endure a significant amount of wear and tear. This is why your kitchen benchtops should be made of a durable material like stone. Here are some of the benefits of stone kitchen benchtops.


Substances and liquids you deal with in the kitchen can easily stain the benchtops. Some examples include wine, pasta sauce, and curry. These stains are difficult to get out, especially if your benchtop material is highly porous and has tiny cracks in the surface.

High porosity stone benchtops can be made stain resistant by sealing their surfaces. For example, granite is a natural stone material that resists stains. This is because it has an extra seal on its surface.


One of the most important benefits of stone benchtops is that they're available in many forms. The two types of stones are natural and engineered stones. The most common stones include granite and marble, which are natural stones, and quartz, which is an engineered stone.

Granite is one of the strongest stone materials in the market. They have a tough appearance and require special maintenance. This material is heat resistant and requires extra sealing to prevent seepage. Marble is the stone material you should choose for a classy benchtop. This material is also versatile, which means it can complement any interior design.

Engineered stones are made of quartz. These stones are more durable than other materials because they consist of bonding agents that make them strong. They're also colour resistant and harder than natural stones.


Sanitation is very important in the kitchen. Following the recent world events regarding viruses, you should insist on a benchtop material that allows you to maintain high sanitary standards. Stone benchtops like granite are 99.9% antibacterial. This gives you peace of mind when preparing and serving meals.

They're easy to clean — you only need some water and a detergent to make the stone surface spotless. This eliminates the accumulation of mould and grout in your kitchen.

Home Value

If you're planning to put your house on the market, then using stone material for your benchtops is one way to increase the value of your home. Many homebuyers are drawn to stone kitchen benchtops because they're durable and resistant to elements such as heat and stains. Incorporating stone in your benchtops will significantly increase the price for your home.

Additionally, the stone has great aesthetic features. A stunning design on the benchtop can overshadow other lavish and expensive products in the kitchen. This is the effect of stone benchtops. For example, marble can give your kitchen a sophisticated look that no homebuyer can resist.