Inspiration for Functional Yet Trendy Kitchen Renovations to Overhaul This Space

Posted on: 26 January 2021

Although you make use of a majority of the rooms in your home, none experiences nearly as much traffic like the kitchen. And it does not matter if you are an avid cook or not. Whether it is congregating for family dinners, entertaining guests or lazy Sunday breakfasts, this area is not referred to as the heart of the home for nothing. However, due to this unending foot traffic, the kitchen becomes vulnerable to wear much faster than other rooms in the home.

And if this space comprises substandard supplies, it is only a matter of time before multiple areas start to look run down. Rather than simply replace the worn-out materials with the same materials, you should start thinking of remodelling the room to enhance both its form and functionality. Here is some inspiration for functional yet trendy kitchen renovations to help you overhaul this space.

Go with an industrial-chic design scheme

To increase the likelihood of a successful renovation project, you need to start with a clearly defined design scheme in mind. While there is a multitude of styles that you could consider, one that is undeniably popular in recent years is the industrial-chic design scheme. In fact, when it comes to making the most of both form and function in your kitchen, this style perfectly encompasses this purpose.

One way of bringing this design scheme to life is by leaning towards exposure. From brickwork to pipes, keeping these elements exposed adds an industrial touch to the space. In terms of materials, choose robust supplies that will not succumb to premature degradation such as stone benchtops, concrete flooring and more.

Stack your storage

Irrespective of the size of your kitchen, storage remains a number-one priority. However, a mistake that some homeowners new to kitchen remodelling make is focusing on conventional storage solutions. For example, while they may gut their current storage out, they will simply replace it with new supplies rather than modifying it and this leaves them with the same amount of storage they had before. A better option would be to try and stack everything.

Stacking your storage means getting to utilise negative space in the kitchen, so your cabinets can be as tall as your walls. Additionally, you should utilise awkward shaped corners to install custom joinery that will add a unique touch to this room. As a pro tip, consider design storage for specific purposes. For example, if you have spaces specifically built for industrial appliances, you will never have to deal with clutter on your benchtops again.

Other pointers you can use for a functional yet trendy kitchen include opting for a monochromatic colour scheme that will make this space appear streamlined, curating an indoor herb garden that will add splashes of green to the room and opting for rustic yet luxurious accents such as brass.