Benefits of Replacing Your Kitchen Benchtop With Stone

Posted on: 9 May 2022

You might not want to undertake a total kitchen renovation and deal with the hassle of ripping up flooring and pulling out cupboards. But you may want to upgrade its look. In that case, you could simply replace the countertops with a stunning stone. Here are some benefits of such a remodel.

Prominent Position

This kind of limited renovation project is not widespread enough to be utterly inconvenient. Still, it's large enough to make a massive change to the kitchen aesthetic. The bench tops cover a large area at a level where they are easy to see and admire. So, they're in the ideal position to showcase a beautiful grey, black, or pink stone. Plus, upgrading the counter will be cheaper than an entire kitchen makeover. And you can always remodel other kitchen areas later and keep the stone. You won't have to face regrets about using a cheaper, less-lovely alternative, such as laminate.

Organic Quality

Organic substances, like rock, bring nature into a home to give it a welcoming feel. Stone exudes a natural aura that factory-made laminate replicas can't reproduce. The stone will give an earthiness to a kitchen that suits many styles, including rustic, modern, traditional, and industrial. If you install a counter with simple rather than ornate edging, it will suit more decors. Though many kitchens mix and match aesthetics in any case. For example, you could install a bench with intricate, carved edges into a raw, industrial design.

Colour Choices

Stone countertops come in a spectrum of colours, so you can choose a hue to coordinate with your existing cabinetry and flooring. Consider the overall kitchen palette and whether you want a standout or a subtle benchtop. You could install marble with striking veins, dark smooth soapstone, or a cool grey granite bench. Stone comes in many neutral variations of white, cream, beige, and charcoal. Neutral tones blend with any space, so you can redesign the kitchen around the counter in the future.


Like many natural materials, stone benchtops will stand the test of time. Even daily wear and tear can add to its patina, similar to how timber grows more attractive with age. Thus, the counter will keep its beauty, unlike manufactured materials like laminate that simply look worn out once they're scratched and faded. But seal the stone as recommended to protect it, and use cutting boards and trivets to prevent damage from occurring.

If you're interested in stone benchtops, reach out to a remodelling contractor in your area.